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LUT Blend

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About Half Cycle LUT

Half Cycle LUT is the blend to support the second phase of the cycle. LUT is short for Luteal Phase - which takes place from ovulation or approximately day 14 of your cycle until your period. During this phase, progesterone is the key hormone. LUT supports the healthy fluctuations of this phase.

Check out How It Works for more.


Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds.


1.5 TBL or 1 heap Cloon daily from ovulation (approx. day 15) until period (day 1).

Check out How To Use for more.

Please consult a healthcare professional when deciding on foods to target key hormones. Seed Cycle Blend is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of qualified health care professionals. Nor is it a substitute for a healthy diet, adequate sleep, water intake, and other necessary lifestyle practices.

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LUT Blend




  • Are your ingredients organic?

    Yes, we use certified organic ingredients.

  • Can I use Seed Cycle Blend on the pill?

    Yes, you can use Seed Cycle Blend on the pill and gain micro and macro nutrients. However, Seed cycling's effectiveness comes from taking nutrients at different times of the cycle when your hormones fluctuate. When you are on the pill your hormones do not fluctuate - to reduce fertility. See Our Cycles page for more info.

  • When will I start seeing results?

    With daily use, some people can start noticing a difference in the first month. Others can take up to 3 cycles to notice changes. It's completely dependant on each person's body, sensitivity and history with contraception and other serious health conditions.

    We recommend consulting with a naturopath or natural health practitioner for professional advice.

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