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Thanks for visiting Seed Cycle Blend - It makes me so happy knowing you’re curious about ovary care and how to thrive in a cyclical body.

All females are impacted by the ebb and flow of sex hormones as they transition through life stages. Whether they are aware of it or not. 

However, too many active females are missing out on feeling peaceful in their own body, having better relationships with loved ones and optimised productivity/performance as they struggle to manage the effects of hormonal imbalances and hormonal changes on their daily lives. 

This can result in a large portion of the population living below their full potential, hating their own body and avoiding opportunities they would otherwise grab with two hands when they are feeling their best. And I'm on a mission to change that.

I'm Rochelle Vranjes Marreiros

I’m the founder of Seed Cycle Blend which I created to solve my own menstrual suffering.

It’s a completely natural whole food tool to support the function of the ovaries and inherently balance the sex hormones for reduced cycle symptoms. This protocol can help us develop a whole new reverence for the female physiology and has personally given me a confidence, accountability and level of health I want to share far and wide.

Learning to love my cycle

I suffered my whole menstruating life with debilitating cramps, mood swings and PMS. It wreaked havoc with my relationships, it created toxic self beliefs around my body’s abilities and it held me back from committing to things I really wanted to do in my career and life in general. 

I am a Graphic Designer by trade but my curiosity of the human body (and my own health challenges) lead me to study to become a Certified Nutrition Coach. It was on this journey that I discovered my symptoms were a result of a hormonal imbalance. And when I started addressing this root cause I would discover the naturopathic protocol of seed cycling.

I consulted with a number of doctors and functional health practitioners who prescribed the seed cycling protocol to their patients for PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Peri-menopause and cycle concerns. And after trialing the protocol myself for 2 years with incredible results I decided to create a ready to use option so every female could access this method effortlessly.

Why Seed Cycle Blend?

Now, here we are evolving into a brand that is excited about informing everyone on the incredible potential of balanced female hormones and cyclical living. When we enable females to live in sync with their biology, this has a positive impact on our entire society. Now is the time to use what we know from the emerging science to support our female community on a deeper level so they can access their full potential. Now is the time for female health equity and inclusion.

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"When we enable females to live in sync with their biology, this has a positive impact on our entire society."