Seed Cycle Blend, your ovaries new best friend

Why do your ovaries' need a new best friend? Because maybe they've never had a friend. We give so much more attention to other organs in the body that maybe we have neglected our little olives. (yes ovaries are the size of an average olive). And yet they run some of the most important functions when it comes to menstrual health. 

We are quick to blame the ovaries when things go pear shaped with our cycle

- but it's not their fault. Their inflammation and dysfunction is a natural response to imbalance, as a way of protecting themselves. So, they are doing their job. It's us who is not taking care of them.

We all perpetuate the mood swings and period pain with jokes, Tik Toks and blaming our body for "doing this to us". But does focusing on the problem inspire us to change? Or is being accountable for our health and focusing on the solution more inspiring?

Menstrual cycles don't have to suck. 

I know we've lived with this narrative that pain is part of having a cycle - but that myth ends here. Science has debunked this by identifying that most symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalance and average gut health.

But are we willing to be patient with our bodies to get the results?

I know we want quick pain relief when we're in the trenches of cramps - but reaching for chemical pills each month has it's own risks. The most common is breaking down the healthy gut lining and causing digestive issues. Not to mention the range of studies (and lawsuits) connected to conditions like ADHD, autism and heart disease. It's not surprising when the chemicals in these products are designed to disrupt the pain receptors in the brain and basically ignore your body's signals.

And if we keep ignoring our body it will just raise it's voice - nature always wins.

So, how do we get rid of the pain? We start by asking 'why is there pain in the first place?' What has happened to cause this pain? And what can we do to heal it? (not cover it up). This is what Seed Cycle Blend is all about, a long-term relationship with your ovaries to heal and maintain their health. It's giving your ovaries the nurtients they need - when they need it. It's managing all types of stress, it's healing your gut and doing things that bring you joy.

When your ovaries are living their best - so can you. Plus, it's cool to care for your ovaries. 😎

Take care,