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Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)

"I’m 2 months in and I can’t believe how effective this product is." - Courtenay

Seed cycling 3 month supply.

I used to struggle with PMS, mood swings and excruciating period pain every month and I hated my cycle. I was desperate to stop feeling like a monster just before my period and wasting the first few days of my cycle in bed due to period cramps.

That’s why I created Seed Cycle Blend. Of all the natural daily protocols I tried, seed cycling was the clear winner. It actually healed the root cause of my issues - hormonal imbalances.

Seed Cycle Blend meant I had regular periods, no pain, no mood swings or PMS. I was free! And through this ritual I started to love my cycle and help other women do the same.

Join me and thousands of other seed cyclers who are loving their cycle instead of loathing it. Rochelle | Founder

Seed Cycle Blend is the natural way for Germans to love their cycle.

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Fast Facts
  • Seed cycling is a clinically proven protocol to combat PCOS and other menstrual conditions.
  • Seed cycling supports a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Seed cycling has no side effects (unless you have seed allergies).
  • Seed cycling can take up to 90 days to notice life-changing results.
  • Seed Cycle Blend is Medical Doctor approved.
What is seed cycling?

Seed cycling is a science-backed naturopathic protocol that involves consuming specific ground seeds at different phases of your menstrual cycle to help balance hormones and support menstrual health.


FOL BLEND - Follicular Phase

  • Certified organic linum usitatissimum (linseeds)
  • Certified organic cucurbita maxima (pumpkin seeds).

LUT BLEND - Luteal Phase

  • Certified organic helianthus annuus (sunflower seeds),
  • Certified organic sesamum indicum (sesame seeds).
How to use

Add 2 tablespoons daily of either FOL or LUT (depending on where you are in your moon phase or menstrual cycle) to whatever you are already eating e.g mixed in with yogurt, on top of eggs, blended with smashed avo, in your smoothie or juices - anything with some moisture.

As Seed Cycle Blend is a wholefood it pairs perfectly with other foods.

Check out our blog for more recipe ideas here.


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  • Can I use this if I'm on the pill?
    We recommend starting to use Seed Cycle Blend when you are ready to transition off the pill. For seed cycling to really work it's magic it needs naturally fluctuating estrogen and progesterone. When you're on the pill these two hormones are stationery.
  • How long until I see results?
    It's recommended to take Seed Cycle Blend for 90 days to see real results. However some people can start to notice changes in the first 1-2 months. Each body is different and will have it's own timeframe.
  • How do I seed cycle with my menstrual cycle?
    You take 2 Tbsp daily of FOL blend from the first full day of your period until ovulation or approximately day 14 of the cycle. Then switch to 2 Tbsp daily of LUT blend until your next period.
  • How do I seed cycle if I don't have a period?
    You take 2 Tbsp daily of FOL blend from the new moon until the full moon. Then switch to 2 Tbsp daily of LUT blend until the next new moon.
  • How does seed cycling work?
    It works by taking a therapeutic dose of specific seeds at different phases of the cycle to detox and regulate estrogen levels, boost hormone loving fats, vitamins and minerals and enhance progesterone levels when you really need it. This all works towards balanced hormones.
  • How do I take it?
    You add 2 Tbsp daily of either FOL or LUT (depending on where you are in your cycle) to anything you are already having for breakfast. We highly recommend pairing it with moisture rich foods like yoghurt, smoothies, juices, avocado and even in an omelette. More ideas here
  • What is the 90-day money back guarantee?
    If your symptoms show no improvement after 90 consistent daily doses of Seed Cycle Blend we will refund you the full amount of your 90 day supply of Seed Cycle Blend. T's and C's apply contact us for more details.
  • For more questions visit our full FAQs page
Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)
Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)
Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)
Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)
Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)
Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)
Seed Cycle Blend (3-months)

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What is seed cycling?

Seed cycling is a nutritional protocol of rotating specific seeds for two main phases of the menstrual cycle. With daily use - the key nutrients in these seeds help to regulate cycle hormones and reduce symptoms.


Science and ritual.

We blend the science of key bioavailable nutrients with the daily ritual of consuming Seed Cycle Blend in sync with your hormone fluctuations. It's a match made in ovaries. And they'll love you for it.

We have worked with nutritionists and naturopathic doctors to ensure a perfect balance between nutritional benefits and holistic cycle care.

See all our scientific literature references here.


Sustainable Packaging

If we are going to bring a product into this world, in these times, then we needed to ensure that our packaging disappeared properly.

That is why we only use home compostable packaging, courier bags and labels. And natural card materials that can be recylced.

Why not sustain the health of the planet whilst helping to sustain the health of our cycles.