Heartbreaking stories from the GoGreen Expo

Heartbreaking stories from the GoGreen Expo

There is always a different kind of buzz in the air when like-minded people gather together. This was the same buzz at the GoGreen Expo, held in Auckland April 2023. It was Seed Cycle Blend’s first time exhibiting at a large show like this. And it was exhilarating to say the least. But talking to such a wide range of people helped to paint a picture of what is really going on for those of us suffering with our cycle. And it was heart breaking. Here are what some of you shared with us.

“My pain has me bed ridden for 2-3 days of the month - every month, for the last 15 years and I’m 35”

It was heartbreaking to hear so many people living with and normalizing debilitating period pain. And they would say it casually as if they were sharing what they had for lunch. When in reality it is such a huge disruption to our lives. When I started exploring hormonal imbalance and the seed cycling protocol as a solution to my own debilitating pain - what struck me the most was this; due to centuries of normalizing period pain and lack of basic hormone education we have created an epidemic of people who are capable of having easeful periods, but will never seek help. And therefore will unnecessarily suffer in silence.

If we have scientifically confirmed that debilitating pain should not be a normal occurrence of our period - then why is this not more of an emergency? Millions of females are bed ridden, unable to work, unable to support their families and tolerating excruciating pain every, single, month. Would males put up with this if it were confirmed that they weren’t meant to be in pain every single month? It’s so instilled in our psyche that as females we just have to put up with it. Movies enable this narrative, jokes about our period enable this narrative and all the generations before us enable this narrative. It stops here. It was my pleasure to share the latest data and what your cycle is meant to feel like. And how seed cycling was a tool to maintain the health of our hormones.

“I’m scared to get pregnant at 17 years old but I hate how the pill makes me feel”

This was even more heartbreaking. A group of teenage girls came to the stand - curious about how the product can help with acne and mood swings. I quickly found out that they were all on the oral contraceptive pill. They were curious as to how seed cycling works on the pill. I shared the below graphs with them and saw the twinkle disappear from their eyes. I asked if their doctor had showed them any of these graphs and they said no. I told them I think they deserve better than that and asked what their biggest fear is coming off the pill. They said unwanted pregnancy and acne. Which are both extremely reasonable fears. But these fears deserve to be matched with scientific data that explains exactly how we get pregnant and the relationship between hormones and the skin.




If presented with this information we give power back to these girls to make informed decisions about their own body. And maybe even create a connection with their body instead of trying to silence its’ cues.

There is enough body shame in this world - we don’t need to perpetuate it by believing our cycles are a burden. I shared a bit around pregnancy and how if you can track ovulation with a natural method like the Sympto-thermal Method - you’ll be able to know when you are most fertile to use protection (and it’s only 7 days of the whole menstrual cycle). And the fact that after ovulation your egg dies. So, it’s virtually impossible to get pregnant.

It was mind blowing for these young girls to receive this kind of information and even more mind-blowing that their own doctors didn’t tell them. I was grateful to share as much information as I could with these girls so they could walk away informed and empowered.

“I’ve tried everything and I’m so stressed trying to find something that works”

This can be a common occurrence when we have identified an ailment and are determined to solve it - we can become obsessed. And this obsession fuels stress and stress fuels unhealthy habits like coffee consumption (on an empty stomach), taking all of the herbs (without a prescription by a medical herbalist) and taking up the next trend (without testing to check what’s really going on in your body). And in the end, the stress of the obsession causes the health issues.

Our modern world is designed to disempower you for profit. We are made to think all the answers are out there inside the products, potions and treatments. But we forget the self-healing power of the human body and the importance of our electrical system - the nervous system. It doesn’t matter how good your diet is, it doesn’t matter if you are seed cycling or working out every day - these things so matter but, how you manage emotional, nutritional and physical stress will determine your health.

In this instance I didn’t need to share about Seed Cycle Blend as a tool for hormone health. But I asked her if she can take some pressure off needing to “find” the answer and instead find her breath. Bring the cortisol down with relaxation techniques and maybe consider having coffee on a full stomach of protein instead of an empty stomach first thing in the morning.


“I never knew what our hormones did throughout the month and I’m in my 60’s”

This is tied to the generations of normalized hormonal imbalances. And it makes me so happy knowing that we are pioneering a new narrative for menstrual cycle expectations. And I think it’s important that the senior ladies of our lives are exposed to this information just as much as the young females. They can impart this new information to their families and beyond to increase awareness at every age. Plus - Seed Cycle Blend can also support menopausal women to have an easier time as their hormones turn down. So I was more than happy to share that with her too.


“How can something so simple be so effective?”

Ahhh yes, this was a very interesting observation. I noticed a good chunk of people needed the protocol to be more complex to believe it was effective. We understand the importance of having unbiased science and systematic review to back up our products' efficacy. But we have a society that is obsessed with new medical technology, when really, so much of what can heal us already exists. Sometimes we can overcomplicate our approach to health - maybe because we get bored and the new shining thing is more motivating to use. Which I can understand - variety is important. But it’s helpful to remember that medicine started with plants and the plants haven’t lost their ability to heal.

On a positive note - the people who organized the GoGreen Expo and our fellow exhibitors were amazing! It was so fun to be with entrepreneurial minds who are passionate about what they do. And the sustainable community is such an optimistic and positive one. We’re excited to exhibit and present at up-coming events.

I want to say a special thank you to Tayla from Tayla Made Nutrition who supported me at our stand and shared so much valuable information around our cycles. She is available to book for a mini-consultation by clicking here. And Sonia Tipteriu, our social media manager captured some great footage and helped to spread the word of Seed Cycle Blend also. Thank you so much!

Take care,
Founder | Seed Cycle Blend